Vintage Aviator Theme Birthday-Time Flies

The theme is based  on Vintage Airplanes. This  Theme is perfect for siblings either brothers or Brother & Sister.  This one was done for two brothers, turning 1 & 5. We had done two separate cakes for both and the main Highlight of the event were the two cardboard planes for photos and play!


Mini Saeen Mustache Bash

The Theme is based on 'Pakistani Sindi Culture'. Sind is famous for its 'Ajrak' Shawal, 'Mushtashe' and 'Saeen Culture'. Birthday boy is an addition to 'Saeen' Family. Elements: Mustache, Bow, Sindi cap, Ajraks Colors: Inspiration from Regional Shawal 'Ajrak' For Event Inquiries: WhatsApp or Call us: +971567746332

Royal Tea Party

Princess Tea Party that is attacked by Pirates. But due to Princess kind behavior, the Pirates decides to stay & serve as Knights. A party with a story. Girls dressed as Princesses & Boys as Pirates. Color & Elements: Vintage Services: Complete Event decor & Photography For Event Inquiries: WhatsApp or Call us: +971567746332